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"If you love designer clothes but hate the exorbitant price tags, then you are probably an elegant tightwad - just like me! Quality clothing and designer labels don't have to cost you a month's paycheck, and I'll prove it to you."

Dress Like a Million Bucks...
While Spending Only Pennies
The Seminar

Join me and learn all the secrets of an inveterate penny pincher. We live in the most fashion-conscious area of the entire country. That makes it rife with opportunities to find beautiful things to wear at just pennies on the dollar of what is charged in retail establishments.

In this seminar you will learn:

• The 5 top resources for finding designer clothes at the lowest prices
• Tricks for getting the best of the best when you are there
• The specific times of year to secure the biggest values
• How to develop an eye for the real quality duds
• How to build a wardrobe around a few classic pieces
• Ways to make your clothes pay YOU
• And much more!


*My Newest Seminar *
Effortless Savings:
How to pay the least for everything you buy without feeling the pinch

     Although the focus of my previous seminars has been fashion, don’t think for a minute that I don’t use my tightwad techniques for everything I buy.  Now in response to the current economic climate I realize it’s time to share all of my money saving methods.  There are ways to cut hundreds and even thousands of dollars from your monthly budget without feeling the pinch.  Join me and learn how to pay the very least for:

  • Groceries – Find out how an hour of planning per week & visits to some strategic websites can help you cut you grocery bill by 50% or more
  • Car Expenses – Cut you car insurance, pay less for gas  & avoid paying monthly car payments
  • Utilities – Substantially cut your electric, phone  & heating bills
  • Travel – The best discount is free!  Learn how to fly for free almost all of the time.  Hear all about Pamela’s 15 day Hawaiian vacation that cost less than $1000 including airfare & a stay at a 4 star oceanfront resort.
  • Dining Out – Pay $13 for a 35 meal at first run restaurants every time you eat out.
  • Entertainment – Never, ever pay full price for movies, plays, concerts & more.
  • Clothing – Build a fabulous wardrobe for pennies on the dollar of regular retail & everything else you buy
  • Just say NO to paying retail!

The Put-Together Look:
How to polish your fashion image

Have you ever looked at certain women and wondered how they always look so put together? Have you thought that the ability to look so stylish is an inborn trait or that is takes piles of money? Well, IT'S NOT and it doesn't! Although some women come to it more naturally than others do, it is a skill we can all easily develop, and utilize on any budget. Join me as I demystify the talent for pulling it all together.

In this class you will learn:

  • To "decode" your body and facial structure in order to find the most
    flattering styles for YOU.
  • To use color to complement and balance your hair and skin tones.
  • To use the clothing and accessories that are right for the image you want
    to create.
  • To build your wardrobe around a few key pieces.
  • To use your clothing and accessory choices to accentuate your assets, camouflage any flaws and create balance within any style.

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